My whole life I have been inspired by books, history, the theatre, films and music, and I have let my imagination run in whatever direction it pleases; mixing it all up, making connections, going off on new tangents.  Out of all of this has come these designs, and there will be more to follow…

I am currently fueling my mind further by doing a degree in Costume with Performance Design, enjoying all the extra oportunities that this has opened up to me

Other than dressmaking, I am a writer, a musician, a dancer and a frequenter of wild, windy, solitary places.  My friends often say I am a definite individual, interesting company, and a fairly good cook.   Oh, and totally bonkers!

I am hoping to become a freelance dressmaker and gentleman’s tailor

What I do

I take commisions from any- and everyone, within reason.  I strive to produce high quality, made to measure, bespoke garments.


I draw on a lifetime of reading and being told stories, be that by a storyteller, an audiotape, a film or in the theatre.  My parents and grandparents houses were always full of books and we were brought up to ask questions.

My favourite authors are: Robin McKinley, Anne McCaffrey, Beth Webb, Jane Austen, Neil Gaimen, JRR Tolkien, Patrick Rothfuss and Scott Lynch

Some of my favourite films are: Mirrormask, The Fountain, The Lord of the Rings, Dorian Gray, Sleepless in Seatle, Mostly Martha and Little Women.

I love seeing Shakespeare at the theatre, in all its guises.  I have fallen in love with the Cirque du Soliel.