A purple corset for a purple Lady!

I recently finished making a corset for a friend of mine who, like me, is rather fond of the colour purple…


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Wedding: Ashley and Craig

Ashley and Craig’s Wedding

Last summer, I had an invitation to be involved in another wedding.  A friend of my sister’s was looking for something a little different…

There were several interesting and exciting factors involved: I was commissioned to make, not only the bride’s dress, but a bespoke corset for underneath the dress, two bridesmaids’ dresses and her flower girl’s as well; Ashley requested a detail on her dress inspired by Ellen Ripley’s jumpsuit in the film Alien; and the wedding was in Glasgow and I was much further south.

A Scottish fabric shopping escapade and an all-inclusive measuring session was followed by a stretch of making 4 bright green petticoats, the three bridesmaid/flower girl dresses in tandom, and expetimenting with lacing and double zips in fine silks.

This was the result!

Thank you Ashley and Craig for allowing me to do this with you!




The green corset has been SOLD.  I will be getting some pictures for that when I see the lady in question at the beginning of March : )

Also, there will be photos soon of the project I am currently working on – final fittings are tomorrow…   If I say 18th Century, silver and black, and extraveganza, does that whet your appetite?



Corsets for sale!

The start of the ready to wear pieces!

These are pieces that I have made and wish to sell; they have not been commissioned  and so are up for grabs for everyone and anyone!  They are one of a kind, like the rest of my garments, and made to the same high standard.

I have two, small-sized corsets for sale:

One is an underbust of black coutil with white bone channels – stripey!  – to fit a waist measurement of 25″ – 28″ (63cm – 71cm).  It has solid steels so will hold you tightly in place.  There is a picture of a similar one on the corset page in the underbust section.  Price is £90, including postage.

The second one is an overbust corset and is a copy of the corset part of the absinthe fairy gown in the ensembles page; same colour, same fabrics.  This has spiral boning, so will hold you snuggly, but will allow quite a bit of flexibility.  Again, for a waist measurement of 25″ – 28″ (63cm – 71cm). Price of £120, including poastage.

With both of them, if you are interested, send me an email at mary@moondragondesigns.co.uk and I will be happy to answer any questions you have.  I take cheques and use Paypal.



Absinthe Fairy

This is half of an ensemble I am making for  a friend of mine who handed me a drawing and said, ‘could you make this for me?’

I have had great fun with this one…

Underbust Corsets

These corsets sit beneath the bust and give you slightly more movement than a full, overbust corset, though it still slims your waist!

Black Corsets…

This is the basic corset in black.

Without any trimmings, I have a couple of these for my own use and wear one at least once a week under whatever I have on; it is one of my instant fixes for an aching back after standing up at the cutting tables for six+ hours…

White Corsets

This is a basic corset in white coutil with black ribbon trim…and it is one of my favourites!

It looks great on it’s own or under a blouse and adds an instant ‘something’ to an outfit.  All my boned corsets will take up to 4″/10cm off your waist : P


I started making corsets about eight years ago…and haven’t stopped since!

To understand historical costumes, you have to understand the structure underneath them.  Sometimes it is very simple as with loose medieval gowns; they wore a very short undergarment not too dissimilar to a modern sports bra.  For the Victorian era, they had a very defined silhuette that was created with not only a full, shaped corset but a bustle as well with all the encumbant petticoats.

I wear corsets all the time; they are lovely and warm and much more comfortable than you might expect…