Eilidh’s Rockabilly Dress

Most of the time, I see Eilidh in jeans and a jumper or veterinary scrub set.  She does, however, have a penchant for purple and skirts that go ‘whoosh’.  Therefore, when her other half asked me to make her a dress, the question wasn’t really ‘what style?’ or ‘what colour?’, but ‘how many petticoats?’ and ‘what shade of purple?’

This is what we came up with…

Purple acetate satin, with a lace overlay on the bodice; side zip fastening with ribbon detail; 8 layers of ballet net petticoat, trimmed with 4 different colours of bias binding.  That’s 40 metres of bias binding!  Such fun to make!

To judge by the amount of spinning, swirling and leaping around that went on, i think she enjoys wearing it, and her other half was quite pleased too…

Wedding: Ashley and Craig

Ashley and Craig’s Wedding

Last summer, I had an invitation to be involved in another wedding.  A friend of my sister’s was looking for something a little different…

There were several interesting and exciting factors involved: I was commissioned to make, not only the bride’s dress, but a bespoke corset for underneath the dress, two bridesmaids’ dresses and her flower girl’s as well; Ashley requested a detail on her dress inspired by Ellen Ripley’s jumpsuit in the film Alien; and the wedding was in Glasgow and I was much further south.

A Scottish fabric shopping escapade and an all-inclusive measuring session was followed by a stretch of making 4 bright green petticoats, the three bridesmaid/flower girl dresses in tandom, and expetimenting with lacing and double zips in fine silks.

This was the result!

Thank you Ashley and Craig for allowing me to do this with you!


Wedding: Jo and Adam

When I was in secondary school, my friend Jo and I would go through some of our German GCSE classes chattering, partly in German, honest!, about wedding dresses, culminating in a pact that we would each make each others’ dresses when the occasion rose.

Since then we have just about ruled out Jo making my dress, but when I heard that she was engaged to Adam, I jokingly said, ‘so, I’m making your dress am I?’  To which she turned around and said, ‘Yes, actually, I would like you too!’

So, the pressure was on…

Jo was fantastic to work with and a pillar of strength and calm, all the way through.

The satin dress is strapless with a sweetheart neckline,  ribbon lacing at the back, lace overlaid on the bodice, and seed-beads sewn on top of the lace.

Jo and Adam have very kindly given me permission to display some of the photos of their special and truly beautiful day.

Photos by Clare Hewitt

Peasant Dress

I designed this dress during a class, took it home and used a fitted sleeveless shirt I owned as the pattern for the top of the dress, extending the lines and adding extra panels. I called it a peasant dress because of its simplicity and, partly, with the colour scheme I had used, it looked rather medieval.
It is made of pure linen.  (n.b. the black top is separate!)

Please click on the images for a closer view