‘Where’s ma kilt?!’

My Final Major Project (FMP) was split into two halves: a historical piece and a ‘cultural’ piece, for want of a better word.  For the cultural side, I was able to kill to kill two birds with one stone.  My younger brother – son of a Scot (our lovely Mum), lives and studies in Scotland, has a Scottish fiancée, and plans to stay based in the west of Scotland for the foreseeable future – had expressed a wish to own a kilt and evening jacket, muttering about it every time we went past hire shops and vintage shops.  I can’t remember who first brought up the possibility that I might make him one, but as the time grew closer to my needing to write a proposal of what to do for my FMP, I thought ‘why not…’  Ben was very excited about the idea, including given that my tutors needed to see me do a fitting as part of the process, he would have to come down to stay, and accompany me at least once into the much talked off ‘costume department studio’ and get to meet all the fantastic people I went on and on about.

I was enormously pleased with how this came out!!  The Argyll jacket is of navy wool, lined with silk, fully hand-canvased, all hand-finished.  The kilt is of Ancient Robertson Hunting Tartan, hand-pleated and -sewn, lined and canvased, with 3 buckles all hand-applied.  I am very proud of the fact that the kilt did not once go anywhere near a sewing machine.

I also had the honour of many people commenting how much they liked it during the exhibition, including one of the tutors asking if I would be willing to sell it to him.  I am open for commisions, so please ask!!  This one, however, is Ben’s.

Once again, Ben agreed to do a photoshoot with him all dressed up…

Many thanks to Eilidh for giving Ben such a useful gift as proper socks, and to Liz for all her help during the shoot!

Purple Outfit

This is a skirt and a jacket, both of my own design.  Cotton lined with calico, the jacket is an adaptation of a corset pattern (and therefore sits very well over a corset!), and the skirt came about from my playing around with some fabric.  It is fastened at each side with frog-knots.

Photographs by the fantastic Andy Manns!

Winter Skirt

I made a skirt for my sister which has a fleece underlayer and a patterned fabric upper layer, so she stayed warm in the Scottish temperatures, but still had a beautiful skirt to wear out!

Mina Harker

I made this piece at the end of a frustrating year, putting all my effort into making an entire outfit that used my skills more creatively than I had been given leave to in the previous months.
It was constructed from a genuine Victorian patterns for a grand parlour skirt and a basque jacket
It is made of calico that I dyed myself, with machine embroidery on the skirt and hand stitched with ribbon on the jacket.
Mina Harker from Bram Stoker’s Dracula was the inspiration behind this particular garment embelishment.

Please click on the images for a closer view.  Photographs by the beautiful Clare Hewitt