1920′s Tailoring Photoshoot

For my final major project, my marvelous ‘little’ brother agreed to be my model, on the understanding that many, many photos would be taken of him dressed up in whatever I made.

Luckily, not only was I making a stylish 1920′s tailcoat and evening trousers, but he himself likes to look smart,  Maybe it was the effect of all the period dramas he had to put up with, with two older sisters; maybe it was the naval officer in him making itself know; maybe it was something else entirely, but he sure as heck knows how to look his best.

Joker that he be, any photo shoot with him was going to create hillarity to all involved and any watching, and true to form, we had a great time with much giggling and play-acting!

Thank you, Ben!

I was working from patterns, tailoring books and images from the 1920′s to make this tailcoat and trousers.  The tailcoat is known as The Tailor’s Art Piece as it is the most challenging garment that a tailor can make and get looking perfect.  I knew this when I chose to construct one as half of my final major project, and while I have a few things that I know can be improved upon, I was quite pleased with what I produced…

So here are the results:

To see the other half of the shoot with Ben proudly showing off an Argyll jacket and kilt, click here.

Au revoir for now, I am off to practice my pad-stitching, collar fall-lines and sleeve setts!